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Let's pack it up!

"We challenge conventional packaging..."
Design & Produce in one place from simple ideas to mass-production

GMP Certified
by Health Canada
Site Licence #302640

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HACCP compliance

Certification 2022


COVID-19 Safety Compliance

Site Licence accreditation

Really, we don't!

What We Offer

An uncompromising packaging design and fulfillment service where we first set, and then break industry standards.

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The Pubco Xperience

Award-Winning Designs, & Fast Prototyping

From Cradle to grave our in-house Creative and structural design team ensures concept feasibility.

Initial stage concepts, to full scale  materials prototype, to the

production floor.

Top-Level Engineering & Innovation

Engineering and creative work hand in hand to constantly innovate processes and materials for a product that exceeds quality and performance. While maintaining creative intent.

Ultra-secured Facilities & GMP/HACCP compliant

Secure facilities with state of the art 24- 7 surveillance cameras, a gated entrance and Vault on the premises for high value products and peace of mind. Inventory control count of incoming and outgoing goods. 

Unique Expertise &

Over 25 years of experience with seasoned Creatives in packaging, graphics and structural design, your project is in capable hands. Every step of the design process is communicated with our customer making you part of the process. 

Come and challenge our team!

Our Design Playground

Agile Manufacturing


“Working with the team at pubco, was a great experience. They walked us through every step of the process right through to on time delivery. A truly professional experience.”

Linda A

“The design team with their, on staff engineering gurus, supplied us not only with design concepts but they were able to pivot at every curve we threw at them.”

Ben P

"We needed a new design concept for a product launch, and were lucky enough to have Pubco and thier team in our corner. Not only did they do all the design work, but manufactured it for us as well
Bravo Pubco"

Ryan T

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