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About us


Founded in 1995, Pubco is a family-owned business with more than 100 devoted employees based in Mirabel (Qc), Canada. We have established ourselves on a global scale among our clients as an integral link of their value chain.


We specialize in packaging design and fulfillment (3PL - contract packaging) with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. We operate in the consumer products market, experts in numismatic, food, tobacco and spirits.

We are GMP certified and HACCP compliant, operating in a highly secured facility.

We export fully assembled products to over 40 countries and own up to 6 registered patents, securing our packaging expertise over 147 countries.  Many of our products are translated in 10 different languages.

To bringing Peace-of-Mind to its customers through its operational agility, speed and packaging skills.

  • To provide the highest level of customer service and quality control necessary to manage the activities of our clients.
  • To use innovation to continuously improve operational agility and speed to surpass market expectations.
  • To provide full supply chain coverage in the form of turnkey projects.

Mission Statement


Determined to innovate, break the boundaries and walk on the grounds of the unknown.

Be part of the solution

Who sees a problem is a human being; Who finds a solution is a visionary.

To do something about it, is to be part of the solution.

100% commited

Customer service is not a department, it's our entire company. We strongly believe that alone we go faster, but together we go further.

Seriously Funny 

Dont' take life too seriously.

You'll never get out alive!

Work hard, be yourself and have fun.

Core Values

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